POE/EVA Umbrellas

We manufacture and supply POE/EVA umbrellas in regular and dome shape which are environment friendly, high quality with customized designs at competitive prices.

we can satisfy your customer’s requirements for environmentally friendly products with our selection of POE/EVA umbrellas.

We are umbrella wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors, which allows you to save money and increase profitability with our low prices for quality POE/EVA umbrellas.

We offer bubble, domed umbrellas, and wedding umbrellas in a wide range of styles and colors. We have domed umbrellas with a plastic canopy and colorful trim, including blue, back, yellow, grey, and pink. In addition, we have rain umbrella designs that feature alternating panels in clear and colored panels. These umbrellas are available in cases of assorted colors.

In addition to a large selection of POE/EVA umbrellas, we offer made to order umbrellas in POE materials. POE is a plastic recyclable material that is used in our environmentally friendly umbrellas. Please browse through our website to get ideas and contact us for more information about pricing or made to order umbrellas to a quote for custom umbrellas or to request pricing information about any of our products on our website.